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Thats called dad if i had a million dollars id pay your mother to have sex with me.

Dad poem bo burnham. I want to grab one of those high end fashion mannequins by the ankles and bash your ribcage in. He began his performance career as a youtuber in march 2006 and his videos. I thought it was interesting to write a poem from the perspective of someone who has just hanged himself and is pretty nonchalant about it.

Two young boys in corduroys. I want to beat you to death. Robert pickering bo burnham born august 21 1990 is an american comedian musician actor filmmaker and poet.

Bo burnham poems lyrics. Born and raised in the boston area burnham was on the honor roll and only 16 whe. I want to beat you to death with a blunt object.

Or you cant survive on ideas alone. Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. I believe there is nothing more manily one can do than take a shower with 5 other guys its true its not a joke its early cavemen you kno.

His moms actually a nurse and his dad owns a construction company but if sarah silverman and ben folds had a teenage son theyd probably sound a lot like comedian singer songwriter and internet celebrity bo burnham. This particular poem is from the perspective of a man who has just hanged himself. Read dad by bo burnham from the story worlds best poem by kathryninfantino kathryn with 977 reads.

This is a poem its a story thats meant primarily for children but i think its got a lesson we could all learn the squares lived happily in their square houses with their square yards in their square town. Bo burnham oct 2018 a ghost story. I love you just the way you arebut you dont see you like i doyou shouldnt try so hard.

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